Saturday, June 11, 2005

Complex Scripts

I have added a link to Omniglot in the sidebar this morning. It is the best resource on writing systems on the internet.

However, I have already run into a glitch. This is actually one of the reasons I began this blog. A difference in terminology.

Omniglot uses the term complex scripts for Chinese and other scripts which "may represent both sound and meaning". Simon Ager of Omniglot has elsewhere labeled these scripts logographic. Make up your mind, Simon!

There is another more common use for the term complex scripts and I intend to use the term only in this sense. This is the way the term is used for the installation of international script support and a discussion of keyboarding these scripts. I hope to stick to this definition in future.

Thank you to the Tibetan and Himalyan Digital Library.

I received the suggestion that I needed to create a glossary of writing systems terminology for this site. If a glossary is ever created, it will be the end-product, a result of years of blogging and discussion. Right now there is little consensus on how to label script types.

Having said that I will do my best to provide defintions that relate to the use of a term in this blog. It simply may not be the only definition available.

I'm all business this morning. No fun and games. Where is Taw when you need it?


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