Friday, July 15, 2005

The Optimus Keyboard

There are several alternative keyboards which have been designed over the years. I haven't gotten around to reviewing them yet. Apologies to those who requested them. They are on my list.

However, this is a new design which was posted on the Unicode list today. The Optimus Keyboard.

"Every key of the Optimus keyboard is a stand-alone display showing exactly what it is controlling at this very moment."

"Optimus is good for any layouts—Cyrillic, Ancient Greek, Georgian, Arabian—and so on to infinity: notes, numerals, special symbols, HTML codes, mathematical functions."

Someone out there is doing some alternate thinking.


Blogger Suzanne McCarthy said...

"The page containing the description of the Optimus keyboard made it to the big time in the web the day it was published. The Russian page was visited 97 811 times, the English one—133 040 times (slashdot effect :-). Since yesterday we’ve been receiving two letters a minute from people wondering where they can buy the keyboard."

2:15 PM  
Blogger iBeth said...

I've long been tempted to purchase an alternate keyboard--but since my fast qwerty typing skills put food on my table all through grad school, I've been a little afraid of losing them. Even though I'm not likely to need to work as a typist ever again.

Looking forward to your reviews.

6:43 PM  
Blogger Suzanne McCarthy said...

I have decided to leave keyboards till September. I have to break off soon for a month and I want do a good job on keyboards because they are so important.

10:16 PM  

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