Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Online Translation Service

Jean-Philippe SARDA sent me an email about his new free online translation service called Cucumis.

"Cucumis roughly translates as "Watermelon" from Latin, a spherical fruit like the earth, full of vitality and happiness. With about 3000 spoken languages over the world, we hope this website will help us to get to know each other."

"To use the Cucumis services, you must be a registered member, you gain points when you translate a text and you need points to submit a text to be translated. Cucumis will be useful to you only when you speak at least one foreign language."

I imagine he is talking about something more substantial than what would fit in the comment section of blogger! Interesting.

Right now I am working on translating a chapter or two each from several old books on writing systems written in French. And some day I want to read Le Lingue Utopiche which is written in Italian. So, yes, Jean-Phillipe, I think the internet is making us all more aware of our need to communicate across languages regardless of where we live.

Only thing is - I never thought of French as being a "foreign" language. I don't think my skills will be in much demand but I am happy to pass this on.

Coincidence #1 - I was eating watermelon when I got this email.
Coincidence #2 - I needed a translation today.
Coincidence #3 - This is the second item with a Latin title I received today.
Coincidence #4 - I am researching the origins of the Utopian alphabet - which was used for writing Latin.



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