Thursday, September 29, 2005

Henrik Theiling's Script Teacher

Here is an application to help you learn the Latin alphabet equivalent for certain scripts. I don't mind showing the world how much Bopomofo I know - absolutely none. But that may change now that I have this website added to my favourites.

Here is Henrik's announcement in qalam,

"Currently, you can learn Hiragana, Katakana, Hangul, Bopomofo, Kangxi-Radicals, Hebrew and Armenian.

More scripts will follow. Besides natscripts, there is a section with conscripts currently featuring Kamakawi's script Kavaka i Oala.

Any comments or requests are very welcome!


Natscripts!!! I love that. Thank you, Henrik.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cool page. Thanks for the link, Suzanne. Lots of people here in Taiwan use bopomofo (or "zhuyin fuhao" -- just "zhuyin" for short -- as it is also known) for keyboard entry of Chinese characters. This, however, works rather less well as an entry method than romanization because zhuyin requires a lot more use of the top line of keys that comprise the number set on a QWERTY keyboard. (Is there a proper name for that row?)

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