Monday, September 12, 2005

Thai Input

I am testing some pickers tonight. I have the Thai Input Utility, sorry, it doesn't seem to have another name, open to my left. Richard Wordingham, who made it, says that it works in both IE and Firefox. Marco Cimarosti's book, Non Legitur, is off to one side. I have memorized three Thai words from Marco's book that I can type into this blog.

สปาก็ตตี and วิสกี are two fairly basic items. Marco wanted to know how to write the first word here in all 33 of the scripts in his book, but I had to break the news that it wasn't going to be so easy without some research. Check out Omniglot and see if you can figure out Marco's favourite word.

The third word, โฮเตล, is more cosmopolitan and when posted into google brought me these results . So I know it is spelled properly, that's a good start. I find that inputting Thai is a very visual exercize, one piece at at time - in visual sequence - very different from Tamil.

Here is another Thai picker, and although it actually gives the proper name for each letter I haven't attempted to use it. I have been reading the names of each letter from Marco's book instead.

Here is a very cool website called Learning Thai where I have learned how to spell my name in Thai ซูชาน. More on Thai here.

If you are interested in seeing how children learn to read in Thailand visit this site and run the video. View the interactive chalkboard for each lesson and see all the syllables in detail.

This is Thailand in Thai ประเทศไทย and it will get close to a million hits in google.

PS. Marco just emailed to let me know he has a new webpage about his book, Non Legitur.

Image from Portsmouth EMAS


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