Saturday, October 22, 2005

Byzantine Paleography

Byzantine Paleography is a site with many resources on Greek manuscript traditions. I have yet to explore all the pages but wish to record this before I forget. Here is the introduction.

"This page and the linked pages are not directed at those who are already able to read Byzantine MSS with ease, i.e. Paleographers, a skilled and erudite group of scholars. Rather the goal here is to present basic discussions, images, and a few useful tools to those who are interested in how we come to gain knowledge about the past, and to those just starting out with work on manuscripts. "

I was immediately attracted to a few pages with charts, my favourite venue for organizing information, on Greek Letter Forms, Greek Letter Combinations (Ligatures, etc.) and Common Abbreviations.

While it may seem repetitive, I am posting the page of Bergekios' manuscript again but in a larger format. I hope that with this page open and enlarged and the many pages of Greek ligatures available, this will start to look more familiar to me.

Later, I will scan in few pages of ligatures and abbreviations from the books I have here. I also need to remind myself that I am working here with a manuscript from the 16th century, a manuscript that coexisted with the age of print.

Addendum: I am not sure how to get the size of image that I want posted in blogger. I will be working on this again over the next few days. PS. I think that is readable now.

Bibliography (wil be added to):

Greek Letters: From Tablets to Pixels edited by Michael Macrakis, 1996, Oak Knoll Press, New Castle, Delaware. ISBN 1-884718-27-2


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