Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dzongkha Calligraphic Font

Here is a Dzongkha calligraphic font. Mark of Pinyin News has posted a Dzongkha keyboard with my name on it so I had to look into this.

His article begins,

"Dzongkha, the national language of Bhutan, has been relegated to the status of a dialect of Tibetan in Microsoft products. Rather than being labelled “Dzongkha” or “Bhutan-Dzongkha,” it is identified as “Tibetan – Bhutan” in the recently released beta version of Windows Vista. This is apparently an official Microsoft policy, likely aimed at appeasing China. " Read full post here. Stephen's comment is interesting also.

The Tibetan Computer Company creates and distributes Tibetan and Dzongkha fonts. There are lots of other details on Tibetan and Dzongkha input here. Tibetan is unique in having vertical stacking consonants. I understand that Tibetan input is a one of a kind experience!

There have been a series of sociolinguistic type articles on Pinyin News lately, all of them mind-bending, as they break down popular notions about Asian languages and scripts. I particularly liked the post on the Mystery of old simplified Chinese characters.


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