Saturday, July 02, 2005

A Lyrical Abecedarium

I need to find some soothing and lyrical abecedaria for the long weekend and cool weather - I am so glad it is not raining. Thanks to Kuri of and her July post of 2 years ago here is just the thing - it needs no introduction.


Angels bring confusion.
Don’t ever forget god’s hand
Is juggling knives like man’s nature.
Occultists properly question reality.
Saints travel unbroken vigils
without x-ing yesterday’s zodiac.

Read them all at her post Abecedarium.

I also enjoyed her recent post Book Tag as it is time to find some summer reading that is not about writing sytems. Yes, I do have other interests. Thanks, Kuri. I hope you keep blogging as you travel.

PS. If anyone feels compelled to write one of these lyrical abecedaria I would love to post it.


Blogger Alessan said...

When you can get drunk on writing, what do other things matter?

Alcohol behind closed doors, everywhere -
finally going home.
I just kicked last-orders - man!
Noble obsession, picking queries
regarding symbols through undertones,
values, weights, xenography,
zymurgy, &c.

3:09 PM  

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