Friday, July 15, 2005

An Abecedaria Abecedarium

Alessan said...

"When you can get drunk on writing, what do other things matter?

Alcohol behind closed doors, everywhere -
finally going home.
I just kicked last-orders - man!
Noble obsession, picking queries
regarding symbols through undertones,
values, weights, xenography,
zymurgy, &c."

Abecedaria blog condones divine elixir .....

Ampersand is a fitting last symbol. I am going to let readers research "zymurgy" as I did.


Blogger Suzanne McCarthy said...

I am posting comments found on another related to my origin post A Lyrical Abecedarium.


Recently, a friend who is a teacher at a private school came to visit for the day. He shared with us the word "A-B-C-darian", a term that is used in his school to describe the kids that are between toddlers and kindergartners. These kids are learning their A-B-Cs...hence the name.


A basic conundrum.
Does eloquence follow general hubris?
In jest, kindly lummocks make noise,
overly pompous quills reign.
Simpletons talking under veils
Whilst xylophagous yeoman zig?

12:27 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

In Spanish, "Alphabet" is abecedario

8:06 PM  

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